BFL's Approach to
Real Estate Insurance

As strata and condominium specialists, BFL's Real Estate team understands the risks posed by residential properties. We have designed insurance policies to specifically protect the corporations and their assets. Here’s what we offer you…

Superior Access to Insurers

BFL has unmatched access to insurance companies, many of which quote exclusively to BFL. Several competing quotes will always be obtained - which guarantees competitive pricing.

Specialist Knowledge

BFL has expertise in a number of different specialties including;
i) hard to place risks (older properties, high vacancy rates, poor claims records)
ii) complex structures (air space parcels, bare land agreements, easements and shared property)
iii) transitioning properties from construction to operation.

Professional Standards

BFL’s Real Estate team is focused on client care and committed to continuous improvement. Their professional approach towards relationship management and industry awareness has earned the team a reputation for excellent client service.

Active Claims Support 

BFL’s in-house claims department ensures our products live up to expectations. Claims are settled quickly and equitably by an experienced team with in-house settlement authority.

An Industry Leader

BFL supports industry awareness and education by actively sponsoring industry associations and a wide range of real estate events.  BFL attends council meetings, provides information bulletins, contributes to industry articles and hosts client seminars.